Ghostbusters II slime blower build home depot


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A few years back i made my first attempt at a replica prop. A GB2 Slime blower. knowing little about building props and with minimal tools and supplies mostly bought at home depot and other hardware stores i was able to make a pretty kick ass Slime Blower. Here's how it started off. PVC pipe, quick crete tube some acrylic domes and a few solar garden lights.
297108_10100312156123511_504723678_n.jpg 319289_10100312156358041_1871641732_n.jpg 291810_10100312156153451_1748182423_n.jpg 319232_10100312156288181_516949270_n.jpg 315835_10100312156298161_279921174_n.jpg 321584_10100312156422911_88493687_n.jpg 293500_10100312156198361_1022281054_n.jpg

To give the domes some strength i filled them with foam, this also locked the mounting spikes for the garden spotlights in. A mixture of PVC plumbing parts, electrical junction boxes, flexible wire covers, and furnace exhaust pipes rounded out the rest of the parts.


Not the best job but some bondo to get rid of the lip where the domes meet the ends of the tubes. Then a paint job over it. I found some non-skid safety tape with a pretty spot on design and used it on the main tank.
293362_10100318125126581_302421328_n.jpg 299268_10100318017053161_614312249_n.jpg 300721_10100318155520671_1879867186_n.jpg

A few pieces of MDF board and some metal brackets hold the side tanks and boxes to the Alice frame. The main tank was bolted and glued in place.

318667_10100318919973701_760451608_n.jpg 301588_10100330684442611_1404037886_n.jpg 310860_10100330685495501_1232941005_n.jpg

Finished product:


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there are a million places to find info on the proton packs , blueprints, photos of screen used, etc. but the slime blowers are sort of their own riddle. A lot of guess work and watching the movie over and over to guess the sizes and parts used, but that's half the fun.


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If anyone is interested in it, i'm looking to sell it. could be used as is or upgraded pretty easily.

Just be careful and don't try to sell outside of the junkyard. It is a forum rule not to advertise selling or trying to make sales outside of the JY and mods can come down on you or ban you. Just a heads up...

You can make a sale thread in the junk yard but you must be a premium member to do that.


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dose it work, as in shoots or blows slime? If not, suggest using silly string in the front of the barrel. All you'd need is a can without a nozzle & a mechanism to push the can against an exit hole.
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