Ghostbusters Hell Dog bust

Starting to make this rather large wall mount from foam, pva glue and space filler foam.

I love foam sculpting..
If you go wrong a quick squirt from a can and your back on track!
(Gloves advised lol)
So working on some eyeballs that I’m yet to finish painting And to coat in resin. Then I need to work how to power up the eyes with a low wattage and make it battery powered. I’ve hollowed behind the sockets and one horn area where the battery pack will live. I will make it that the horn attaches with magnets.

ive started to cover the foam head with wall filler and will sand smooth and then add wrinkles and paint. Once the eyes are in I can build the eyelids and then also create the mouth and jaw. Making the teeth will be a challenge, especially working out how to make them slightly transparent to give the teeth depth and enamel.

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