Limited Run 'Ghostbusters' Ecto Goggles RUN CLOSED

Rhett J Martin

Sr Member
Two batches, one shipped out and already arriving, the next going out Monday.

Rhett J Martin

Sr Member
A few more goggles have shipped out, we handled some returns and fixes, and are taking the opportunity of that education to improve the product just a bit in the next molding, which begins tomorrow.

I apologize for the delays, but this past April I had the opportunity to take on my first studio level job and on-set work for NFL Films and ESPN as we dressed up the Manning Brothers and Jerome Bettiss for the show's 'Eli's Places' and 'Peyton's Places'. I'm a born and bred Canton, Ohio native, family connections to the founding of the Football HOF, and an ex football player as well, so this was a win-win-win for me and an opportunity that I could not pass up. I built 19 hero, super-hero, stunt, and working props in 3 weeks and was on set for two days at Notre Dame U. I am STILL walking on air after.

And while I'm thanking y'all for your patience, I can let you know that thanks to my years here as an RPF'er, I absolutly cranked a home run out of the park by 500 foot and we shot a great episode.

SO! back to the grind on the last 20 or so! The usual grind, parts and headgear are done, masks and eye pieces need molded and cast.
Enjoy the pics! Show airs in October!

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