Limited Run 'Ghostbusters' Ecto Goggles RUN CLOSED

Rhett J Martin

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That's more like it! Moving at a nice clip! 15 near complete toon, 25 more coming up from behind FAST!

Thanks again for the patience y'all!

Rhett J Martin

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Another big push forward today as we hammered in snaps to another 11 pair, then gave them their dry transfers. The first batch of 13 now has their final satin coat of clear, and are ready to be finished with gloss (knobs) and flat (green knob and battery cap) parts.
Interiors get tricked out tomorrow, then head strap, too lenses, and adjustment knobs and then a BOX!

Stay with me gang, we're almost there, and THEN you get to see the good stuff coming up!

Rhett J Martin

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Welp, we're over the hump here gang! All major subassemblies are installed, and we're only left with upper lenses, headstraps, inner lenses, and thumbscrews. Shipping will be fun this week, as we move through these 29. There will be a short pause for a major upcoming release with Mack's Factory at Horrorhound Cincinnati. Then we'll clean up the last 10 and call this run closed.

These will return later this summer :)

THANK YOU for your patience and feedback! Y'all been great!!

Pic from earlier today:


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Shipping has begun on the big batch of 30!

If you are on the #40-70 list, your goggles are going out over the next few days! :)
See attached screenshots. My name isn't on updated list in post #1 (should be #67 based on when I paid) . Why?


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Rhett J Martin

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Not yet, but a batch of 11 go out tomorrow. Hoping to get another 10 out Saturday morning.

I apologize for basically abandoning you guys this week, as I had the opportunity to bid for two large jobs (one local, one for the House of the Mouse) and had to scramble. Add that to convention prep for this weekend, Mack's Factory Dottie's which include a major unveiling this weekend at said convention, and basic house duties.

Adds up to you guys getting bumped.

I've gone ahead and made arrangements to skip the convention tomorrow and catch up here. My crew can handle it.

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