Limited Run 'Ghostbusters' Ecto Goggles RUN CLOSED

Rhett J Martin

Sr Member
Alrighty, so I'm offically stuck in the mud as I wait for the new waterslide decals to arrive. I'm kinda grumpy that they've taken this long.
We've got everyone 'snapped' up and waiting for dry transfers and foil, then they all get satin clearcoated. After the clearcoat goes on, we start adding parts and the larger protion of the lenses. Then the facepad, then the headstrap, and then the interior lenses, then the top lenses and lastly the screws and glass.

I'm waiting for a proof sheet from the printers, then the production run, then they get cut and shipped. I'm hoping it will move quickly, as I have to spend the weekend in Maryland for work, and I'd REALLY like some of these shipped out before then. They're holding every other project up.

Anyway, I have two spots left to make and even 80 on the run. If anyone wants to hop in, nows the time, as I'm gonna close it up on Thursday.

Thanks everyone for waiting. I'll update as soon as I have and update to make :/

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