Limited Run 'Ghostbusters' Ecto Goggles RUN CLOSED


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Shipping price is via USPS, not me, and it's the most affordable option available.

Your measurements look good!
Thank you very much for taken a look to it. I really appreciate that from an expert like you. I wish you a lot of work, Your googles are the best I’ve seen. Of course shipping costs are not your fold. It’s not shipping alone, I have to pay 20-30% tax on everything from the US + shipping

But the most important reason for me to build it myself is to build a scale model of it for my two little daughters costumes.

Say, what is the measurement on your googles for unit E on my drawing?
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Rhett J Martin

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Thank you!
I'll be posting one last update before Christmas so everyone can see where we are and what to expect as we clear the holidays!

Stay safe and healthy y'all!

Rhett J Martin

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One last update before the holiday weekend,

All supplies are either in transit or have arrived. We've supplied up for the next 50 sets (30 are sold). Molds have begun, and small parts have begun casting.

GB2's are also supplied up for the first 20, so stay tuned for that thread post New Years.

We're doing well, and I'd like to get this next batch out the second week in January.

Enjoy your holidays, and we'll see you here soon!

Rhett J Martin

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It's about that time!
Hardware, lenses, and snaps all counted out and ready...


Alan Castillo

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It is great to see you so active again Rhett :)

I still have your original GB googles hanging proudly on my wall ... as well as your One-eye Willie, Olmec Plank, Davy Jones Pipe etc, and my all time favourite, the Skele-Gro bottle ! You sir, continue to be a true artist.

Any appetite to resucitate the idea of the JP goggles you had a while back ?

Rhett J Martin

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Confirmed! Thank you!

Had a fun night last night cutting out the facemarks, head straps are done, and we're moving forward on masks this weekend, so I'm excited! I'm putting together a video of the molding process on the masks so you can can get a look, so stay tuned for that!

We'll also be putting up the interest thread for GB2's maybe this weekend.
Love my job!

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