Limited Run 'Ghostbusters' Ecto Goggles RUN CLOSED

Rhett J Martin

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How many more GB (1984) goggles will you be making? I will be able to purchase a set after Christmas as purchasing gifts for family has to come first.
my original intent was to do 30, but we just shipped 31-40, and I’m now making double molds so I can easily keep going a
l the way to 100.


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Thanks Rhett, the goggles are incredible. Great eye for detail and screen accuracy. And again, thank you for the additional surprise, made the wait more than worth it! Happy to add another Hotshot prop to my collection


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*voice from the rear of the stadium
'Show them off!'
Lol, ok I just threw a little photo op together quickly. I’m actually in the process of doing a complete 4 GB character big display so everything is in plastic totes at the moment while I collect all the gear




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Ugh, I'm a little bummed. Mine didn't get delivered yet (they were due today but no updates from the USPS) and I'm out of town now for a week...

Rhett J Martin

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Can I ask, will these be available after Xmas - would love to get a set but can't afford them right now.
A perfect way to segue into my newest update!

So. we're making a large set of new molds, doubling up on everything for a little faster speed and better material usage. This also means ongoing order will be able to be taken for about 100 sets (average mold life is 50 castings). So you can hop in whenever you'd like. No deadlines, no pressure. These will be going through the spring into convention season

As we move into the holidays, I've completed all my supply ordering for the next 50 orders, everything from snaps to elastic to resin to decals.

We're also making some small changes and adjustments based on feedback and personal preferences to make these a weeee bit better. nothing extraordinary, just tightening things up.

I'll be staying home with minimal family stuff this holiday, so plenty of time to plop my butt in the studio and keep working on these. I'd like the next 20 to go out just after New Years, once the shipping wave has ebbed back a bit.

So in the run up to Spiderman, Matrix and Christmas (isn't that how you think about it? lol) , sit back and enjoy yourselves knowing that we're working away over here, and you don't have to rush to get a pair.

If you want to be certain of getting a set, deposits of 1/2 and 1/3 of the final price are excepted. Full payment does as well ;)

Thanks everyone!


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Wow! Love your Goggles. Good work, well done!
I for myself love to build props just as a hobby for myself. Just having them isn´t fun for me. And the shipping from the US to germany isn´t so nice. Little question maybe? Your Googles have the real measurements, because it´s build from real night goggles, yes? I´m working on a 3D model at the moment for myself. Can you please take a look if my numbers are right?


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