Ghostbusters ecto-goggles lens found part


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I posted this on GBfans a few days ago, but realized that you guys really needed to know it too since many of you won't set foot over there.

We have recently started searching for the lenses for the Ecto Goggles and are looking for your help.
We have posted the info that we have on our blog at Ghostbusters Nerds – GB Nerds concerning the right lens. The right lens is a Miranda/Mirax Laborec I Microscope Adapter.




Please excuse the horrible photo-shoppery
Wow - I believed these were custom machined! What a great find!!!
We had some "experts" on gbfans assuring us of the same thing, but we didn't buy it.
Those prop guys were not gonna waste time and money machining the lenses. Look at the pack, it has pencils on it for God's sake. :lol
Any lead on the other side?

Has anyone set about making precise measurements to replicate this part?
Yes, we have 2 in hand and intend to make replicas
We have already modeled the replicas.
We will put up an interest thread soon.

The other lens could be by the same maker, or not
we don't know yet.
if you guys find it, Let us all know
I am amazed that no one had found this part yet. Great job Nathan.

Now can you find the lenses for the JP nightvision goggles?
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