Interest Ghostbusters Boots by Magnoli Clothiers

Indy Magnoli

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Here's our initial prototypes. There are a lot of little tweaks we're going to make for the final run though. I'll post updates here as we get closer to finishing these. Stay tuned!

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I get that these are a prototype and will have changes. To me there are a few things I'd point. Image attached to aid in the points raised


Red Circle - This part of the boot on your prototype seems to cut off on a very clean edge whereas on the screen used boot it has a bit of a curved edge on it. Not sure on terminology.

Orange Circle - The prototype has the top eye let right at the very top past the stitch line. On the screen used boot there is no eye let past the top stitchline. The extra space made by having the curved side raised in point A might allow the eyelets to placed correctly.

Pink Circle - The toe cap on the screen used boots is just a stitchline it does not have the holes along the toe cap stitch line (I've used purple on the original and blue by the prototype)

Green Circle - The zipper is a lot thicker on these boots than what yours appear to be (this may be just the angle but beyond the zipper top when you get lower down the boot you can barely see the zipper which makes me wonder is the zipper too thin. The pull is also wrong.

As it stands now, these boots are no more accurate than modern Corcoran's based on the prototype. Hopefully these details can be picked up and I'm sure someone with a keener eye than me will be along soon.


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I sincerely hope your follow the Facebook thread on Spenglers work bench where those who are intimately knowledgeable about Ghostbusters are pointing out just how terribly inaccurate these are.

Amazed you showed the photo above even, they are way off.

There’s an insane amount of reference material available and these don’t look like you’ve followed it.


Indy - will these be available in future runs. I'm wishing to hold off on buying until feedback on the actual item is gathered? Also, I have tiny feet, can these be made in smaller sizes (I'm a size 7.5 (US).


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I ordered on 8/1, the same day the pre-orders launched, but I haven’t received word of shipping yet. I know of some others who ordered the same day that already received theirs. Should I reach out to someone at the company to check on status?
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