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Ghostbusters Afterlife RTV replica

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Custom RTV Ghost Trap replica based on the version seen in Ghostbusters Afterlife. The trap itself is a stunt replica, which does not contain lights or sounds, except for the two headlights at the front. It has been modified to look more realistic, and the item itself is fully drivable, so it comes with the paired R/C remote.

The trap has two flashlights at the front, which are functional. The larger one takes 2 AA batteries, while the smaller one takes 1 AAA battery. The remote for the trap also takes 2 AA batteries, and the R/C base is rechargeable via a green USB cord hidden behind a panel on the bottom of the item.

Price is $150 USD, but I"m open to *reasonable* offers. $65 Contiguous United States shipping ONLY.

Feel free to ask any questions below!




LeoCor Replicas

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Bumping this post to sweeten the deal. If you order this, I'll throw in 2 CAL-R MC250 resistors, the same exact kind used on the screen-used Ghost Traps!

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