Ghostbusters Afterlife RTV (2nd attempt)

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My local Target just got some more Disguise stunt Ghost Traps in stock, so I figured I'd give making another RTV a go!

Started by disassembling the Trap into it's main components (main body, side panels, "doors", and rear plug), cutting off the fake wheels, toggle switch, and side knob, as well as drilling out the holes where the proper replacement screws would go. Taped off all the necessary areas, and repainted it using flat black and bright-coat aluminum finish spray paints. I added a more accurate teardrop knob over the hole where the original fake knob was, and began weathering it with black, brown, and tan acrylics using a dry-brush method, as well as a silver Sharpie across the corners of the Trap.

Once the Trap was finished, I took my R/C module, removed the car facade, and attached the Trap on top using two screws that held the original car on, as well as some carefully applied high-strength hot glue points at the front (since there was no space for screws to attach. Using some chrome and black acrylic paint, I disguised the glue points as welding marks. For the headlights, I just used the same kind of Energizer pocket flashlights that I used on my original, one wrapped in olive green grip tape, the other in black.

Overall, I think this looks a lot better than my first RTV! In fact, I'll actually be selling this one (either through here, or through my Etsy store)! I just need to figure out the shipping for it! :lol:

crap trap.jpg
fixed trap.jpg

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