Ghostbusters '84 and Marty McFly - KIDS rocking Halloween 2015

Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by MadDogTannen, Aug 12, 2015.

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    Just the beginning. Working with a tailor to make the denim "Guess" jacket more accurate. Of course, the Ghostbuster outfit will have a styrene / dipped proton pack. More on that later.

    11266455_10206516447807296_8278051399455917349_n.jpg 11125493_10206208979520781_1869328774_n.jpg IMG_6012.jpeg
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    Just throwing this out there, Studio Creations has a 75% vacuform proton pack shell for 25-30 bucks. I just bought one for my 7 year old. Great work so far though!

    Here's what they look like..

    Next to a full size shell.

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    HIndsight's 20/20, am I right? Either way, the process of making this with my kid has been priceless.

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