Interest 'Ghostbusters 2' Ecto Goggles Completed Prop


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I received my GBII goggles yesterday and I love them! For starters, they fit my face better than the GB's because of that soft padding instead of the thinner GB foam. I don't know a ton on the creation of the original prop (Rhett, if you have any source on the original process for the GBII's I'd love to check it out) so I'm not super familiar with the details but from the screen caps, they look very accurate. I also like the way the cold cast looks on the lense housing. I think it looks even better than the GB's. The interior looks really good, too with lots of great detail. I appreciate the attention to detail on both the exterior and the interior, it's wicked awesome, man.
20220522_174639.jpg 20220522_174708.jpg 20220522_174713.jpg 20220522_174718.jpg 20220522_174729.jpg 20220522_174739.jpg 20220522_174749.jpg 20220522_174808.jpg


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