ghostbuster belt tools - some pics of my made/restored items


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not so much a build like i have done in the past - more of a here it is:

i had a resin board which didnt cut the mustard from its prev builder, the only saving grace was the resin top section and the russian nixie tubes already in there - i knew i could do better......... so the belt gizmo was first, the resin version wasnt done well so off i went to my local parts store:

1 pack of various resistors, capacitors etc etc 1mm copper wire roll, also picked up some circuit board - total cost was £25.

so the build was easy - used a pdf printout of the original reverse side of the sanyo pcb to which was stuck to the board i purchased, then drill 1mm holes at various points for the component installation, the chips were 3mm foamex and the terminals under are the 1mm copper wire - some brief build pics as it wasnt a big project - 2 nights to complete - around 7 hours total:

didnt opt for too much accuracy, purposly left out the wire casing from the nixie tubes - i liked the bare wire raw look too much rather than mess around buying different colour wires which would have tripled the build cost, used what was available in the packs to replicate it

so this is the item im replicating:

and here is the resin board i bought with other items and the start of my build on the left:

close up of the chips:

the project all done:


the gizmo holder in leather:

and in the actual holder:

next stage was a complete strip down of the lifeguard and mt500 radio, both were scarred, and damaged, so these were rubbed down, re painted and put back together...............the end result:

flight suit is being altered, hose i have, just trying to locate a suitable mt500 holster and ill post pics of the final belt assembled
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some other items: proton pack all done: will remain unweathered, worked out heavier than i thought it would - did want a cold cast base to start with but the price was way too high :( decided i wanted chrome stickers all round instead of the select few - so printed them out onto proper chrom vinyl at work, and stuck them on :)






and all running:
ghostbusters :: VIDEO0040.mp4 video by st200rich - Photobucket

uniform currently being altered - fits my chest perfectly, arms are perfect but its too long in the leg and the join between the legs is 3.5 inches too low

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