Ghost Rider - The Contract of San Venganza ..Hell on earth!

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Just had time to take some pictures of this one, I've wanted this piece for years, in fact searching for this is how I first ended up with the contract for Johnny Blazes soul for my collection. This is the Contract of San Venganza - the primary focus of Ghost Rider.








...a stranger came around the village of San Venganza making promises and one deal at a time the people turned on one another until the village of San Venganza drowned in it's own blood. The souls of it's people trapped forever in that god forsaken place.
Many years ago a Ghost Rider was sent to the town of San Venganza to fetch a contract worth those thousand evil souls, but that contract was so powerful he knew he could never let the devil get his hands on it, so he did was no rider had done before.. He out-ran the Devil himself.
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Re: Ghost Rider prop ..Hell on earth!

Thanks guys, I'm in love with this prop for some reason :lol but before it arrived I had planned to have it framed to match the other contract, but upon seeing just how big it is thats not really an option, so I'm at a loss how to display it at the moment!
Re: Ghost Rider prop ..Hell on earth!

No problem.

Make copies and sell them in the JY :lol

No, seriously :lol

Mega-awesome Nick ! Congrats :) :thumbsup
Re: Ghost Rider prop ..Hell on earth!

Just wanted to share pictures of my new display idea. It's far from finished, but it gets the idea across :lol
I'm going to have a plaque made up for the bottom once it's painted and the hand will have a burnt leather glove on it when I get the time to do a little more to it


Make copies and sell them in the JY :lol

I might look into this actually if there's enough interest, I'd want to do the rod and end caps too though so it would be a complete replica.
Re: Ghost Rider - The Contract of Venganza ..Hell on earth!

This is an extraordinary piece .. I congratulate you!
Re: Ghost Rider - The Contract of Venganza ..Hell on earth!

Conrats on your newest acquisition, Nick!
You have soo many cool props in your collection!
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