Ghost Rider Cosplay Planning


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First off let me say that I am new here, as many of you can tell via the post count under my name. Ive been looking for a group to get some cosplay build tips and was pointed in this direction. Now for the big part.

I am making a Ghost Rider costume. I have chosen most of the pre made items, and they need only be purchased and modified slightly, ie adding the spiked shoulder pads ala 90's/ Current era Danny Ketch. My main hindrance comes from the flame effect. I have however figured out a possible solution that may work, so I wanted to run it by you guys and see what sorts of adjustments I need to make and/ or materials to buy.

First the basic idea spawns from seeing the halloween cauldrons with the fans and fabric flames that blow out of them. I want to build something along those lines which will blow the flames out of the jacket along the rear perimeter of the head. I have decided that the inflatable costume fans w/ battery packs would be best suited for generating the air needed, but I need some ideas for mounting and piping to ensure airflow to the fabric. Ill see if I can draw up a sketch and post it tonight so you can see exactly what I am envisioning. My main skill set revolves around an ok skill at tailoring, with a minimal amount of scratch building things that comes from my youth and working with my dad on construction sites. I can build a lot of things, its just sometimes I need a little insight before I jump in.

Thanks for any input!

Captain Rogers

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Good idea. I wondered about the cauldron flames myself, but I don't have a mind for engineering. I would love to see the results of this.


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Best one I've seen tumblr_m6xgmsxnze1ru5hgmo1_500.jpg
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