Ghost in the Shell: Original Prop Robotic Arm

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This listing is for an original prop robotic arm from Ghost in the Shell. This was custom-made by Weta Workshop. I obtained this item directly from Paramount Pictures, who held an official prop auction through The Prop Store of London. The original COA is included. I'm not sure if this can be seen onscreen or not, as I've never seen this film. I just love Weta, and I thought it'd be really cool to have an original prop from their New Zealand workshop. Please note that this is a static prop, and the elbow/fingers cannot move.

According to the COA, this was used as set decoration in a market scene. However, it's clearly been designed as a somewhat wearable prop. It has a cupped shoulder, and a strap that goes across the chest. Most likely, it was meant to be attached to an actor's shoulder, hanging down while the actor's real arm was hidden under a coat or cloak. So it can probably be worn if desired, but it can't be operated like a real arm.

Overall, it's in good condition. One of the hoses has come off on one end, but that can easily be glued back. And the "fan" at the elbow is meant to connect to the arm in three places, but two of those connections have broken. Some of the glue has begun to flake a bit, which takes flakes of paint with it, so there might be a few spots of missing paint in shipping. A bit of black paint will cover those spots seamlessly, since the whole thing has been made to look blackened and oil-spattered to begin with.

US Shipping for this item is $40. International shipping is currently unavailable, due to the size/weight. To reduce the shipping cost, I've removed the bolts from the elbow and fan, allowing the arm to fold at the elbow. The last photos here show the arm in the current folded state. You'll just need an Allen Wrench to screw it back in.

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