Ghost Host ROTJ Vader helmet

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Hey kids,

I have a beautiful Ghost Host ROTJ for sale.

Every time I sell helmet, it always hurts. But need to sell to fund other pieces for my small collection.

I bought this on the Cargo Hold a few years ago from Juan Fernandez. It's a beautiful ROTJ helmet - not many better than this anywhere. The pull is wicked sharp, with screen accurate lenses, mesh and aluminum tusks. It's also padded on the inside, along with a head-strap.

The origins of the helmet are, per Juan: "the ROTJ GH was cast from the molds that were given to Don Post for their 1:1 Vader statue back in the 90's - the molds were made from a screen used ROTJ helmet". The Ghost Host ROTJ helmets are the only ROTJ helmets known to have direct lineage back to a screen used ROTJ helmet.

There is one little nick in the dome - not visible when displayed. included photo with little mark.

$1,200 USD - includes shipping in the CONUS. - This will be well packed and should ship within 24 hours of receiving payment


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