Gettogether at "Star Wars Identities" in Cologne on June 13th or 20th 2015


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Hey people,

as suggested by R2Dan and then further developed by OdiWan72/ Markus in this thread

a Gettogether for us Euro-RPFers (and of course everyone else!) would be a neato event to have happen!

The suggested dates are Saturdays June 13th or 20th. Suggested timeslot would be the 12 a.m. slot

Please make a short post with your preferred date right at the beginning of your post for easier counting. Any other comments about number of people, how happy you are going to be when attending etc. can be made afterwards :p

Markus voluntereed to buy tickets in advance if we can get a larger number of people to agree on a day and time, so the group experience can be maximized ;)



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For me both dates sound good! However, i'm sooooo in for a RPF gathering!

Due to my lack of internet access at the moment i don't visit the board as often as i would like to
so please keep me posted via PM or Email when there is a fixed date and payment or anything is due... THANX!



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Just bringing this up again.

June 20th, at noon.

I'm not sure exactly how many have signed on beyond what posted but I think we should be good to just get tickets at the door, but I'm 100% coming so I'm in for getting tickets in advance as well.


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Alas June 20th is not going to work for me ... though I'd love to get together in the summertime ... and does anyone know until when that exhibition remains in Köln?



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Just a small update

Since this thread obviously isn´t exactly what I consider "of interest" to most of you...I will cancel the meet-up (at least my appearance).
Those, who visit...feel free to drop me a line...maybe I´ll be at home so you can stop by for a chat and a drink

Derrek...13th is still booked, right?

BTW: Been to SW Identities on the second day after is "ok"
The whole experience is directed to kids and teenagers IMHO, even if they have incorporated some nice ideas/ features (no, won´t spoil it for you ;))

They have a wide arrangement of models and marquettes (many PT!), C3PO and R2, a few of other droids a ROTJ (?) TK with some ANH/ ESB lids, PT Tusken and a Jawa, HIC, Leis metal bicini, VR helmet (assembled!), Anakins Podracer, DV costume with the MoM saber as a belt hanger, LOTS of paintings and a few OT/ PT costumes. The Luke ROTJ saber is in the hands of a mannequin so most details are chance to take good pictures or even measurements :(

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