Getting started with mold making and interested in advice


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I have looked into Mold Star 15 and wondered a few things.

Firstly, is there a cheaper and quality option? It seems it would take around $100 to make a medium-size prop mold like a pistol.

Secondly, can multiple layers be made inside one mold? For example, of I wanted a prop like a lightsaber hilt that was blue rubber on the bottom half and red rubber at the top, could I pour half, let it set, and then pour the other half, or would they break apart when used? If I wanted a prop that was half resin and half rubber, could I do the same? I am looking for cosplay items that can be "used" without danger in shoots.

I appreciate your help. I am sure I will have other questions, but I appreciate the input here.
I'll be glad to answer your questions.
First as to price, generally speaking, $100 is not completely unreasonable for mold making material depending on how much you get. That price will usually get you about a half gallon kit of silicone rubber, that being the easiest to use. Cheaper materials do exist but tend to be less forgiving and difficult to use as the price goes down.(I once made a Darth Vader mask using plaster of paris as the mold making material. Never again) Companies to look to are Smooth-on, Silpak, Walco, Bermans as well as a few other plastic companies.

As to being able to cast multiple colors; yes it can be done with a few caveats. Some urethanes don't adhere to each other very well. But even when you find one that does, multiple colors are a PITA unless they're going into an open face mold. If you do go that route, you have to wait for each layer to harden enough so as not to be dissolved by the next layer but still soft enough to still adhere. Personally if I want my part in multiple colors i design and fabricate multiple pieces and then assemble.

Having said all that the best advice I can give you is this: don't be afraid to experiment. Shop around for your mold making material and find what works best for you. The companies I listed usually sell small sample size kits for $20 - $40 I've done multiple colors in one mold, but either painting a single color part or doing multiple parts is ultimately easier.. But as I said, experiment and do what works for you.
Some of my first molds where made from silicone caulking and naptha, granted they are very cheap and can give you some problems like small air bubbles, I found it was a great start in getting comfortable in molding before I spent lots of money I didn't have. I literally just used 100% silicone caulk and naptha you can get both at lowes, home depot in the paint section, I used about a 60/40 mix 60% caulk 40% naptha. I poured s little naptha in a mason jar then started squirting caulk into the jar, you want your mixture to be thin enough to brush on , I also use different colors of caulk just so I know I covered evenly. Each layer takes a few hours to dry depending how thick you got it(that's why I brush it in about 1/8" layers).

This way is cheap and simple and lets you get comfortable molding, give or a Google for some different tips and tricks, and remember to always look at the safety warnings and wear a resporator
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