Get ready for a surprise! 1:1 TOTAL RECALL bust WIP


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Thank you guys!
This was a sculpt that I've always wanted to do since the scene has been burned in my head since I was a kid, but my clay supply was always wrapped up in other sculptures.
Since I got a shipment of clay on Friday, I knew I had to finally get to sculpting so I can get the project out of my head.

Too Much Garlic

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The sculpt is amazing. Can't wait to see more.

I always wondered why in the movie the mask opened over a puppet of Arnold and not his actual head. I love the effect but to me it never looked 'real'.
I would think the opening one was a seriously dangerous prop that weighed a ton, so why risk the actor? You can even slightly see the mechanic arm lifting the head up, when he pulls it off... and then they switch to the hollow cast.


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i seem to remember they used a puppet head of Arnie as it had the back removed so it would fit inside the mask properly
Great sculpt!


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That's the cool thing about this bust - so many display options. Hell you could even get a standard Arnie bust, then cut the cast of this into pieces to display the opening process.

And on top of it all you don't need to worry about hair!

nick daring

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Where's our surprise?

I'm dying for an update!




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If I remember correctly from the Cinefex article, it's all animatronic, no stop motion. The Arnold head inside is also animatronic. They had to cut a major part of the back of the animatronic Arnie head off just so the female head can close with the Arnie head inside.


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This movie still creeps me out. This scene will forever be burned into my mind thanks to my childhood viewings, lol. Can't wait to see the sculpt finished!


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so are you planning to leave it as it is or will you be splitting it or doing the neon tube ear thing? looks great so far


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Thanks guys!
Just finishing up some textures, so I should have more updates in the next week or so.
I'm planning on doing a couple for myself of the split versions.


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Looks fantastic and nice to see something really original. Speaking of animatronics are there any board members or even bored members that do animatronics? Are there any animatronic rpf threads dedicated to it?

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