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Well almost a WW2 German helmet. It's probably a Spanish Army helmet that I picked up at a gun show. It's painted flat black by the previous owner and I would like to paint it back to an original WW2 Wehrmacht color. Any idea of what that would be? The guy threw in some helmet decals so once painted I would have a pretty good replica.


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Wehrmacht helmets were a "field green" for the most part... I used to know the exact color, but the name escapes me at the moment. Let me look around and see what I can dig up for you. ;)

UPDATE: Bah! I couldn't find the actual name of the color... but... I did find my Tamiya color chart and know that these two colors are pretty accurate:
J.N. Green (XF11)
J.A. Green (XF13)

Just hop on down to your local hobby shop and pick up a can or two of the spray version of either color and you should be good to go.
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Go to ( type in ww2 helmet and youll find a guy selling the exact paint with the "sand" to make it gritty, this guys stuff is what all the reenactors over in the u.k. use ..Im sure he would ship to the U.S. and even if he doesnt , in his ad he gives the correct colour codes anyway.
Hes a good guy.


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I think that the most common colours were Apfulgrun (Apple Green) and Field grey. The SS helmets were a black colour. But towards the end of the war, there weren't enough resources to make the precise colours so it varied a bit.
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