German tank.antennas for lightsaber blades.

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    So people.are saying that german tank antennas were used as stunt blades in Empire and Jedi. What are these antennas made of? Aluminim or some other metal and are they heavy?
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    Make sure to start of every request for information with. "I have searched and searched but I can't find it."

    Trust me it will save some time :)

    Can't say on antennas but I am guessing aluminum although I always wondered about this as it seems odd. Lots of things could have been used that would be easier to source.
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    Don't stress, it's Jamie AKA saberMaN.

    His obsession with the stunt blades is legendary, it's just surprising he keeps coming back after being banned when all the information he could ever want has already been answered 6 times over.

    Luckily his posting style is so obvious. And sad.
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    Ok this is crap. You are the second person to say this. MY NAME IS NOT JAMIE and i dont know what this saber buisness is about. I just joined this board and i am trying to get info for a fan film we are working on. I would like to be as authentic as possible. I DONT EVEN own a saber or prop for that matter im researching because im trying to make my own. Please stop i am not this jamie and if this contibues id like to speak to a Mod. O m just trying to research and this harassment is ridiculous
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    I don't know what tank antennas were used as stunt blades in the original trilogy or what they were made of but since this is for a fan film I would think one would rather use what's best for a stunt blade as opposed to what was used in the OT... which IMHO, is not what's best. In the last movie, Episode III, they used texalium wrapped carbon fiber tubes for blades... which again IMHO, is far superior to every single other material used for stunt blades in the other 5 films. Those are also the same type of stunt blades used in the popular fan made lightsaber duel "Ryan vs. Dorkman 2". Those blades are only about 1/2" in diameter, very light and very strong. Another alternative would be 1" dia. thick-walled polycarbonate tube. It's a bit heavier and has some flex but is it very strong and of course, rotoscoping will hide all flex. I personally have used 1" dia. thick-walled polycarbonate blades for stunt blades in a lightsaber duel fan film and they work quite well though they may seem a bit thick to some once rotoscoped.
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    Tell you what. Why don't you tell us the city and state where you are posting from. Then we will verify it by your IP address. Oh, and by all means, PLEASE contact the mods. That's what I did. :devil
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    As @ARKM mentioned, the texalium tubes are the way to go. I contacted Ryan (of RvD and RvD2 fame), and asked if he was still selling his texalium blades through his online shop, SaberShop, but it seems that life has gotten in the way and everything over there is on an indefinite hold. Thus, I made a thread a bit over a year ago to investigate where to get them now, even going so far as to go straight to the New Zealand manufacturer. After a few months of detective work, I figured it out. Post #76 contains the link:

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    Hey-ey! I was so surprised when I found out that stunt blades were made here in NZ. You bringing this up reminds me I should head over to TCSS and grab a blade for my Kylo hilt.

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