Geoff Peterson (Craig Ferguson's robot skeleton sidekick)

Jr. jones

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I'm a huge Craig Ferguson fan. I made this about 10 years ago. It was a quick and dirty one day build (Always important to make friends) And I'm sure one day I'll upgrade him. He's been in my workshop ever since and always gets noticed. But recently he received a minor upgrade. For my birthday My wife got me tickets to go see his stand-up And we actually got to go backstage and meet him. September 28th will be 8 years for me not drinking and I and I was inspired to stop by Craig Ferguson. For those of you who don't know Craig himself is a recovering alcoholic of 30 years and talks about it quite openly. So, after the show, I was finally able to thank him in person. He was nice enough to sign my Geoff Peterson name tag.


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1. Excellent work on Geoff!
2. Excellent work on yourself! 8 years sobriety is no easy task, so here’s hoping that you have many more to come!

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