Genuine MIRPHSUIT warning.


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I purchased this suit so
I could airbrush it for my Sheila Female Predator build. I was impressed with the Morphsuits service and their products are supposed to be the best. I got the suit and was impressed by the fabric and quality then I saw the back side. Right across the lower back is a big MORPHSUITS text in black. I contacted the company and they said they put this logo on all their suits It's not shown in any photos on their web site. Even the really cool Spider-Man and Iron man suits have it. They say it's so people know you have a genuine MORPHSUIT. It's a walking billboard. They referenced me to the internet an there are a lot of pissed off people with ways to get the heat pressed logo off. Unfortunately they must have not liked people talking the logo off and now they print it right into the fabric. I'm hoping that I can cover it up with em airbrushing if not this will be my test suit. They did offer to take the suit back for a refund but I had already modified it. Live and learn.

Ya, That's the face I made when my daughter turned around and I say the bill board, just after I cut the feet of this suit so it would fit her extra long legs.
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