Gentle Giant Studios Costume Volunteers for 2012 SDCC


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With Art Andrew's permission, I will be posting a few threads to solicit costume help for a few vendors at the 2012 San Diego Comic-con International.

For the first one, Gentle Giant Studios (GGS) is looking for costume support for the 2012 San Diego Comic-con International. They are looking for the following genres:
  • Marvel
  • Star Wars
  • Lord of the Rings/Hobbit
They are willing to offer the following items for the following hours.

  • For a full eight hours (which can be divided over the course of four days of the show and possibly preview night), volunteers can get an attendee four-day badge badge and a GGS convention exclusive bust.
  • For four hours, people can get $50 in GGS store credit.
  • For two hours, people can get $25 in GGS store credit.
Anyone wishing to help out, should provide the following:

  • Pictures of the outfit(s), they wish to submit for consideration.
  • Day(s) and times, they wish to work. Please note, I am asking for requests. There is no guarantee, they will get a specified time and day. GGS will do their best to work around people's schedules.
  • E-mail address they can be reached at.
As always, anyone participating is expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner. Once someone is offered time slot and they accept it, the volunteer is expected to be there on time and ready to go.

As an initial deadline, I will take volunteer submissions up until Monday, April 16. Depending on GGS's evaluation of what they receive, they may or may not take additional volunteer submissions after the initial deadline. You may post your submission here, send me a PM or email at

Should any of you have any questions or comments, please let me know. Thanks for your time and attention.


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This is modification notice and a bump for this thread. If anyone would like to help out, I can take applications until Friday, June 29. If you know or would like to attend, please contact me sooner rather than later. Thanks.


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Gentle Giant Studios is no longer taking applications. Thanks to those whom applied.