Gengar Pokemon 3d sculpt and print


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I haven't posted in a few years, but I have worked on a few minor things. More tests really. Just trying out new things while I am not doing the usual larger projects.
I just recently (last year) began to mess around with photoshop, and for the hell of it bought a resin printer. It forced me to make use of it and so I tried playing around with Blender and made this little Gengar figure. Might do a larger print and paint it up sometime. But I'd rather re-sculpt it 1st. While Blender is pretty damn cool and equally overwhelming, it does make me miss the simplicity of sculpting by hand and simply adding clay instead of having to constantly re-mesh the surface.
Hope you like it.
GENGAR 2.jpg


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Looks awesome! Came out really well compared to your original drawing. You plan on releasing the file or selling? Gengar is my girlfriend's favorite, I'd love to paint one of these up for her

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