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Hey everyone! So I needed to make a lottery ticket that was the size of a dollar bill for a magic effect I'm working on. I figured that I'd post it here in case anyone wanted it. I'm still working on the back of the ticket but here is the front. Let me know what you think!

I've included a jpeg and the PSD file. Right now its the same proportions as a standard dollar bill but it is not the proper size. You'll need to re-size it first. I'll post the back soon!
Of course, now you have to describe the effect!

Haha the idea is that I will have an audience member pick some numbers at random and they match the ones on the ticket. I then cause the ticket to turn into a $20 bill (which is why I needed it to be the right size)
Not that your piece looks bad, but if I was going to do it I'd totally buy a real lotto ticket with those numbers and then scan / reprint it.

Completely off-topic: Did you see Sankey's Big Box of Magic deal?
Well the reason is I needed it to be the exact size of the bill and also I have a few gigs in NY this summer (I live in FL) so I wanted a generic ticket I could use anywhere.

Another magician on this site?! Awesome! Yeah I tried to win one of the ones he gave away but I think I missed it by 1 second =[
I'm more of a magic dabbler. Doing walk around at a local restaurant quickly made me realize that I couldn't do it full time.

There's a lot of great replica aging techniques in some of the old magic books.

You wouldn't need the lotto ticket to be from New York -- a lot of folks buy tickets from other states. You could just adjust your patter to talk about this HUGE jackpot in Florida. I also think lotto tickets look pretty much the same. Here's a high-res NY lotto ticket.

If you just made it say LOTTO without the state logo, it would work. (If you'd like, I'd make one for you.)
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