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    I am currently working on puffy painting my first TASM2 mask, which of course comes with the wonderful paint splatters that make the entire process such a joy. The purpose of this thread is twofold: to ask for advice, and to offer whatever advice I can thus far. So, here we go!

    In my little bit of experience with fabric/puffy paint so far (Tulip brand black puff paint), it's clear that patience is key, as is shaking the bottle downward to prevent air bubbles and splatters. I knew this was nearly inevitable, and I'm currently trying to repair a few splatter spots. However, towards the end of painting my pieces, the two bits of advice that I would consider most important are to clean the inside of the applicator tip with a needle if/when the lines start to become uneven (this seems to pop the air bubbles that might be coming up, as well as keep the flow of paint even and smooth). Secondly, being patient may require doing bits at a time and coming back later. When you do this, store the bottle upside down after giving it a few good downward shakes. This, in combination with the needle cleaning, has produced the most even, smoothest webs thus far.

    Now, to anyone who has done their share of web painting and has some words of wisdom to share, how have you gone about repairing splatter spots? I am currently using a mixture of hand sanitizer and rubbing alcohol to remove problem areas, which allows you to easily peel off the webbing wherever it is applied after setting for a little bit. These areas are easy enough to fix, but it's the spots where the paint is flat, spread over the fabric in a way that it's barely raised, if at all. Does anyone have any advice on how to remedy these particular areas?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, and hopefully the little bit of advice I've got to offer can save someone some trouble as well!

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