General Grievous Pep out there somewhere...


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So I have been searching the interwebs for a pep file for General Grievous for months and found a few leads but turns to dead ends. Idk if it's worse to not find, or to find but cant get. So I turn to you all for help on hunting down any Grievous pep file. Mostly looking for the bust, but seems like the whole body is out there too... somewhere.

Here are images i found that show they are out there, but being out of my language barrier and quite old post, its hard to find the source...
any one have these or know where to get them?

Here's another that seems to be different from the others but would still like to find.

I found two others with actual download links, but password protected and quite low poly. But maybe its right under my nose and Im just going crazy from looking for so long.


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So I actually registered for the forums that these images were on. It was in Spanish, so with google translate in hand I tried to find out as much as I could. They said something along the lines of the files were lost in time and no one can find them. This was posted in 2009 so hopes seem slim. If I cant find, then I may have to see the cost to commission someone to make the model and unfold. I tried to sculpt it already and thats out of the question with my no talent for that.
But if anyone knows of another file out there, that would be awesome.
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