General Crafts question (not prop-specific, sorry)


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I spray painted a couple glass chalices to make improvised "pimp cups."

Is there anything with a (more or less) clear coat that would make it safe to drink out of? Only the outside is painted, so I'd be looking at just adding something along the rim so that we could have (mostly room-temp) beverages.

Sorry for asking a mere crafts questions, I know most of you don't drink out of your props. But the pimp cups are from a movie...yeah, that movie with that one guy...who was a pimp. :unsure
Sorry for asking a mere crafts questions,

Don't apologize, this is the perfect subforum for that type of question.

I don't have the answer for you but materials and techniques, and BS are our specialty. From a quick google search I get the feeling the right answer is no, if the paint isn't fused with high heat.

I am not sure about a clear, but I did see this on Amazon, but the description suggests food safe paint that isn't dishwasher safe.

Good luck & welcome:thumbsup
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