General Approaches to This Costume

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I want to first say that I can truly see that you can probably find an answer to just about any specific building question one may have with the forum. That is really great and encouraging to know. I've searched around the forum reading on about different elements of the costume and their is a ton of info here. I did want to ask some general questions on how people are currently approaching the project. None of the following questions will be specific, "how do I.." or "where do I get.." questions, but more of a general philosophy on starting.

1. Found MacGyver's tutorial on the Mr. I skin technique and it's great. My questions on the skin is this: Is the muscle suit approach still considered the way to go or do most people get custom molded skins and go from there? Or does is it really a matter of $$ and motivation?

2. From what I see here, it seems to be common practice for even the most advanced builders to just purchase certain elements from other members here. Is that a correct assumption?

3. This is more for the SoCal members, but do any local THL members ever get together and work on parts of the costume as is common in the Star Wars costuming community?

These are some questions that have formed in the last few weeks of browsing THL and I thought I'd just ask. As with anything else, philosophies, technology and ideas evolve. Just wanted to see if what was good 3 years ago is still good today.


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1. The latex skins tend to be more believeable and realistic, but more expensive. The Mr Incredible suit is the cheaper option...

2. If you look in the Who sells what thread, you can see that various people make different parts, but there isn't a 1-stop-Pred-shop for all the pieces. So the answer is yes :)

3. I know that there were a few SoCal members who have met...not sure if they still do or not.


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Hey ..good questions and let try and help:

1. the Mr I route is a perfectly acceptable approach to making your own skin with out sculpting a full body suit yourself. As far as it being " the way to go" I would think it would be a matter of personal preference combined a bit with the money issue. No doubt it would be cheaper to cover a Mr I suit in latex and paint it yourself, but the work effort will be there. Duct Tape dummy, latex, painting etc. ...still a cool way to go for those DIY pred makers.

2. Now I would fall into this category..amongst many thing, we are all big fans of each other's work. I have many pieces by many people on this board. These pieces are works of art that I hold in the highest regard.

3. Im a SoCal member..but a new transplant from the SF bay area .... I know that some do get together ..but planning something could be very cool


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Hey Bro, Welcome!

My situation is probably very similar to many here. I started off in Awe of everything there is to consume here and after a while once the dust settled I
began to formulate a plan of attack that worked into my budget.

I decided to go the Mr. Incredible route for the skin out of affordability and it still does look really decent if executed properly. As my suit evolved I kept switching gears and slowly upgraded. I went from Mr I. to a Latex skin to an even better looking and better fitting skin. There will always be someone needing what you can't use and I just made little incremental upgrades.

I built my first Cannon from scrap parts. Sold it. Built a better Canon. Sold it for more. Bought a Wolf Canon. and Traded it for a top of the line Pirk Uber AVP Canon.

Same with the bios. I have been through at least 5. Slowly upgrading to what I have now. One of Casey's (Biohunter76) Awesome Ancients with lasers
and a perforated aluminum eye screen.

Same with feet, Mask, Dreds, Hands...etc.

For many of us it is the thrill of the journey. I love the process and interacting with so many cool and talented artists that share your same obsession
Artists who, for the most part, will bend over backwards to help each other out.

I build all my own armor from scratch and have posted the templates for anyone who cares to use them.

I have been at it for about a year and a half. carving away a little at a time. Hope to be done soon but I will not rush one second of it because when it is complete there will have been no compromises for me.

Anyway. that's this freaks story. we all have one like it.

Later VinMan


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Let me supplement my first post by saying that I'm not looking for an easy route, because I don't think there is such a thing when it comes to this costume. Whether it's a Mr. I or custom skin it still looks like a **** ton of work, hence I'm doing my homework now to hopefully roll with some other at SDCC next year.

VinMan.... let me say that your work with Sintra has helped me gain some more confidence in doing this. I've worked with that a bit on a custom Mandelorian I did a few years back so it's something

Greek, I think workshops are great ideas. Seem to work well for other costuming groups. Real good for those that totally new to meet up with more experienced members.

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I suppose I should have included this question in the first post, but..... is there a certain item that most people start off with? I guess money is always the obstacle so the answers to this question will probably be varied. Just thought I'd ask.

Sand Scout

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Hey man if you look at my build it was from the Mr I suit base, I mean it took 2 1/5 years to complete but It didnt turn out too bad I think. I still invested a little over a grand in it. The major parts was the mask, bio, hands and feet good luck hope to see some of your progress soon


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like everyone says, it's all about how much work you want to put in and money. when it comes down to how it looks IMO, all it takes is a kickass paintjob. i have seen cardboard painted way better than a really nice latex/resin pull. no matter what the material is, stick the paint and it looks kick ass. SandScouts is a perfect example.
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