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Gen 1 Kitanica Raider Pants (SHIELD agent tactical pants)

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I bought these from a seller in Hollywood, but he just knew Kitanica was a high-end brand and had no knowledge of what they might have been used in.

In any case, these are the long out-of-production Gen 1 Raider pants, correct for Avengers, CA:Winter Soldier, and AoS, in a Women's size 12, with the adjustable waistband 36" at the largest and a total length (top of waistband to hem) of 45". Inseam is 34", plenty of room to tailor or just blouse into boots. You could still fit into these if you are a guy (perhaps snugly in front}, but they are actually a different pattern than the men's pants, they are not just a men's pant renumbered. In very good wearable condition, lightly worn with no obvious damage.


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Gen 1s are hard to find.
to translate the women's size 12.... I can fit in them and I'm 5 foot 10, 195lb. Just has a shorter rise than the men's cut would at the same overall dimensions.

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