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Hi there,
im looking to make some foam armour for me and my 2year old son!!
any hints ideas or templates would be awesome as i have never made anything like this before but im going to Comic Con and i reallllllly wanna dress
its ok..... i found the programme!!! its insane!!! as im new to this i assume you just cut out all the bits and glue it together?? whats the best kinda foam to use?
A lot of people use those puzzle floor mats. I know I do. There meant for garages or play rooms for kids. If you live in the US then it's best to see if you have a harbors freight. They have something called anti-fatigue foam mats. There site is down for me so no link right now. What you do is you trace the templates onto the foam and then cut it out. People use sharp blades, turkey cutter's, all kinds of things. Then you look at the file and see where the pieces go, and glue them. Once your ready to paint use plasti dip spray or mod podge.
I have decided to start on mine as well. I've got the mats but I'm thinking of going to a specialized foam merchant to buy foam sheets.

I've been searching and doing research for the armor . I've built 3 sets of Sean Bradley ODST kits but they're a totally different animal .

Guys, what would you recommend. I'm pretty tiny and gears armor is huge. Should I start off using a motocross armor vest as a base or just build it up from scratch . I'll have to use thicker foam as a sort of skeleton to bulk up before building the surface if you know what I mean.
Jediguy if you are doing the Gears 3 look (bare arms) I would say scale down the armor to fit you better. Even if you use MC under the Gears armor, it may still look oversized.
I scaled my size WAY down since I'm pretty small. It looks good :D. But I did have to scratch build the shoulder/belt because the files were not the detailed
Thanks for the tips so far. I've been doing research and I hope to start gathering materials later this week. Wish me luck. I may even start my own thread to show my progress.

Btw has anyone built an armor like this without using a mannequin? Is that a good idea?
I don't use a mannequin. I just take a piece of cardstock draw out the teplates by looking at reference, and cut it. The chest is the only piece that I used a file for cause' its really big. Hope to see it get done so I can post it in my first ever WIP thread :D
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