Gears of War: Dizzy Wallin body armor

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    Hi! I've been working on this project for some time now and I had to stop eventually because of problems with my available time for it, so it sat still for a very long time. I didn't have a thread on it yet, and as I have more time now and started working on it again, I decided to make one anyway!

    Anyway, Dizzy is my favorite character from the game series. I like him as the little drunk redneck that he is, bringing comical relief to various stages of the story line. He is always someone you can trust and doesn't hesitate to cheer up your day, which is more than enough reasons for me to love the guy. I always took him as the main character for horde in Gears 3 and laughed my * off every time he made a cheeky comment.

    20140605_220737.jpg 20140609_173113.jpg

    For the armor; I started out with printing the armor using pepakur and cutting all pieces.

    20140704_143739.jpg 20140704_143825_1.jpg

    Next up I build up the pepakura file in paper and gave it 2 resin coats. (Sorry for the rotated pictures, they just turn out like this, really… I'll take different pictures next time ^^")

    IMG-20140926-WA0001.jpg IMG-20141014-WA0002.jpg

    Next up, I started building the small single shoulder guard that he has with bondo and give it form and sanded it to shape. I also did a small detail on the back of his armor. This is the first area that I decided to work on, but eventually I'll leave it for what it is and work on some other parts.

    20150519_142631.jpg IMG-20150519-WA0006.jpg

    So I noticed that whenever I worked on the top side, the lower side sunk in, because of the force I put on it. Some parts of the lower part even began to crack and morph, so I left the top side for what it was and started on the lower bit as it needed more attention. It felt weird sanding the lower side for days on end, and ending up drilling holes in it and damaging it as it is in the game. The right picture has the damage in it and the bolts, screws and plates, but these last parts won't be added until the very end when everything is all painted.

    This is a work in progress, but I'll keep this thread as updated as I can and post new pictures whenever that's possible for me.

    As always, I always enjoy seeing feedback and criticism. Just share your thoughts :D
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