Gears of War Digger Launcher Finished

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by CitizenSnips, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. CitizenSnips

    CitizenSnips New Member

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  2. shanes4doorsi

    shanes4doorsi New Member

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    that looks great nice job
  3. Weaselhammer

    Weaselhammer Sr Member

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    Congrats on such a great well-made replica, it looks amazing and deserves all the attention it's getting !
  4. darkchylde80

    darkchylde80 Well-Known Member

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    Incredible job!
  5. Noeland

    Noeland Sr Member

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    Lots of hours into that sucker! Really fantastic work though, and I love the way you documented the build. Very nicely done all around!!
  6. allosaur176

    allosaur176 Sr Member

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    Love it!! I use the digital version of it all the time :)

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