Gears of War Anthony and Clayton Carmine WIP


Hi there :) I am working on two costumes for Montreal's Comiccon this September. I will go as Anthony Carmine and I'm making a Clayton costume too for my friend. I have no idea if I will be able to finish in time, but let's hope so! It's my first foam build, and it's made freehand. Except the helmets.

I will keep the opening post updated with the latest pictures, so new visitors can quickly get to the point.

I have a Kickstarter Campaign going on for the Clayton Carmine helmet (to get a copy)

Clayton Carmine progress

Helmet is done!
Clay helmet picture 1.jpg

Chest piece so far

15252_10152453349876888_8408820211028478766_n.jpg 10698580_10152453349941888_1594431813275269734_n.jpg

Anthony Carmine progress


Armor is complete or almost
IMG_5998.JPG IMG_6000.JPG


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    chest front and back pd.jpg
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    plasti dip 1.jpg
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Anthony Carmine


1551500_10152326524111888_2007076573929954376_n.jpg 10477046_10152339081406888_7681659447033869864_n.jpg 10570474_10152354316356888_4189031849294395385_n.jpg
10382772_10152358113861888_9122272251343040623_n.jpg 10543641_10152370158101888_3396321179365402387_n.jpg
chest front and back pd.jpg

CarmineA Belt wip (2).JPG CarmineA Belt wip (3).JPG ceinture carmine foam.jpg
CarmineA Knee pads wip (4).JPG CarmineA Knee pads wip (5).JPG 10600485_10152392093361888_8914622847213383835_n.jpg

CarmineA boots wip (5).JPG CarmineA boots wip (3).JPG CarmineA boots wip (16).jpg
CarmineA boots wip (13).jpg 10494782_10152309698476888_881138426247207719_n.jpg boots.jpg

plasti dip 1.jpg


carmine a helmet back progression.jpg


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I have pretty much finished my Anthony Carmine armor. I would like some advice on armor strapping for the knee and shoulder pads!


IMG_5998.JPG IMG_6000.JPG
IMG_6003.JPG IMG_6004.JPG
IMG_6008.JPG IMG_6009.JPG
I have 1 strap for each shoulder pad and it's not enough. I need suggestions on how to make them hold!
IMG_6014.JPG IMG_6010.JPG
Same problem here for the knee pads, but worse! It doesn't hold at all. I am not sure if I'll have the funds for the proper undersuit, but if I do, I guess I will use velcro.


sweet love gears stuff ,i started armour last year never had time to finish it,really have to get my butt moving

Foam armor too? :) Yeah well IMO leaving a project behind is never a good idea, we end up never touching it again or at least not for a long time :p It happens to me too.

Get a motivation boost and go finish your work buddy! :D


I finally started my friend's armor. The con is in less than two weeks :O and I am so stressed! I will certainly not have time to finish my helmet... but at least I have the rest of the armor. I worked 8 hours today on his chest piece, this is it so far

It's not the right size for me, way too big, but it should fit my friend perfectly. This is just to show the base shape, which wasn't so easy to do.

Started to build up the details. It's going somewhere!



I have attached the shoulders to the chest piece with velcro straps. They now hold fine and it's pretty fun to wear, looks good too :)

But now, I require assistance to secure them properly. If I leave attached to the chest, I need help to secure the other straps arround my arms, or if I put them on my arms first, I need somebody to properly atttach them to the chest piece. An other solution would be to velcro them to my undersuit, like I am going to do with the knee pads.


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Great build. I did a Gears of War 3 build last year (based on Baird and the generic COG Soldier) and loved wearing it.

Have you considered the dog collar type plastic clips for strapping? I had a lot of problems with velcro on my Gears build last year since the pieces were all so bulky and heavy, even in foam.


Great build. I did a Gears of War 3 build last year (based on Baird and the generic COG Soldier) and loved wearing it.

Have you considered the dog collar type plastic clips for strapping? I had a lot of problems with velcro on my Gears build last year since the pieces were all so bulky and heavy, even in foam.

Hmmm no not really, but my pieces aren't that heavy...

Also, I added some elastic straps to the knee pads. Holds well enough and I shouldn't need velcro on my pants

(pretty useless picture, I know)

Oh and since my shotgun won't be ready for the con, I bought this nerf gun

I am currently dremeling it and painting it to make it look a bit more like a boltok.


looking good man. Check out my threads to see mine and my families and my page if you need any help with anything


Some work was done. It's getting there. Only one week to go! But I'm off for the week end to see my girl. I'll try to work a little bit over there.

10617513_10152445683481888_580926603_n.jpg 10583274_10152445816751888_733641128_n.jpg


You are casting the Clay helmet soon I see. What about Anthony?

I'll see about that when it's finished. I will continue working on it after the con, hoping maybe I'll have enough money to go to an other con with it! :) But yeah, if there's enough interest in it and it could help my student/father wallet... why not!

I have modified the double strike nerf gun to a boltok pistol (not accurate at all, but it does the job fine)


I plastidiped Clayton's chest piece and made a belt too

15252_10152453349876888_8408820211028478766_n.jpg 10698580_10152453349941888_1594431813275269734_n.jpg 10656319_10152453424691888_1702283416_n.jpg


Well, 12 hours only before the con! I've tested my armor, everything's pretty much OKAY :) Except maybe the boots, the foam is bending near the shin piece and now it doesn't look too great. I guess it's normal wear and tear! I've painted my friend's chest piece and belt. Tomorrow first thing in the morning I'll grab some LEDs for this armor. I did not have time to work on his boots today. He got here early and I couldn't work as well. Painting took too long anyway.

10986_10152458160661888_6699006300554785080_n.jpg 1919665_10152458153971888_3445877252943937911_n.jpg 10678531_10152457929621888_1619530280788665752_n.jpg


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Really great work, I'm a big fan of Gears stuff.

In one of your videos I see some sort of padded lining inside the Clayton helmet. Did you build it over an existing helmet or did you add that yourself.

Have fun at the con!


Really great work, I'm a big fan of Gears stuff.

In one of your videos I see some sort of padded lining inside the Clayton helmet. Did you build it over an existing helmet or did you add that yourself.

Have fun at the con!

I added it myself :)

OKAY HERE ARE THE NEWS. Con is over! It was both hell and fun haha, but that's cosplay! I missed the stuff I wanted to see at the con and only a few people took pictures and it was mostly for my friend's costume... It's like nobody knew what Gears of War was, even though it was crowded. A lot of people were there for the Star Trek Next Gen super reunion.

I only slept a few hours during the weekend because I was trying to finish my friend's boots... Not a good idea. There are not done at all and I was just... so exhausted! It was hot in my costume and it wasn't that comfy. Three days was a bit too much with this one. I now understand why it's good to have different costumes haha. On the first day I had too much sweet in my goggles and the paint just came off, I had to repaint them and make sure I remove them or dry them once in a while after. My boots got damaged, but I guess it was only normal wear and tear. They are boots afterall! I lost two of the four bolts holding them in place though. The next morning I rush to go buy new ones... and I lost them too after about 30 minutes -_- The rest of the costume is fine. My friend's costume wasn't a problem at all since he didn't have his boots, but he didn't wear the helmet much.

Anyway, straight to the point now! This was my first time doing this, I was in the novice category. But once I was judged, they bumped me to compete in the highest ranks (master category) AND I WON AN AWARD FOR THE HELMET :D I can't believe I was with amazing cosplayers that won several awards and went to countless cons, but I just come there once and get a prize! I'm a bit sad though that I am the one who worked crazy, but the award is for my friend's costume haha. If only I had my own helmet too I would have two awards! There was AMAZING foam costumes over there, but all these cosplayers came to me and said there was no way of winning agaisn't me, my foam build was way too clean and smooth. Seriously, that was heart warming. The judges said the same thing, but the helmet was really all the epicness needed. I now have to finish both costumes, there's another con in a month, I can't miss it! ... If I have money haha. If my kickstarter campaign to sell some helmets (10 days left) goes well, I will have some funds. I would be sad not to wear the finished costume!

Here are some pictures! And BTW, I wrote this really quickly, I have a lot of cleaning and sleep to catch up. Sorry if there are any mispelling.

10704071_10202741767253836_5177491556672674531_n.jpg 13092014-IMG_0056.jpg
1497593_10152459895416888_4626553986951022630_n.jpg 10628018_10152459894141888_6101244760715614987_n.jpg 10500363_10152461942101888_5131138986080844171_n.jpg
This was pretty much the crowd for the masquerade

You can watch the part 1 here

we are at 32:10
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