Gears Of War 3: Torque Bow WIP

Okay guys and gals! Been working on this baby for a while now. Got it up to a stage where I'm confident I can get all the modelling down within the next fortnight and thought I'd just show you lost some pictures. Here goes.

I've been using various techniques, some old some new. The main body is made of Poplar wood (Beautiful to carve and dremel, Absolutely shocking to turn on a lathe) And various other woods for the lathe bits and peices. Most of the detailing is layered styrene sheets of different thicknesses refined with body filler.

A neat trick that I haven't seen around the forums is the use of vaseline and body filler to make a perfectly shaped housing for one peice to slot into another. Simply by applying vaseline to the surface you don't want the filler to stick to you can create an impression in the peice that the filler does stick too. Very useful and saves a tonne of time.

I haven't done any of the circular detail work yet, I'm leaving that for last, so that bumps and dups don't get in the way of smoothing out other detail work.

Plan is by the end of it to be able to retract and spring out at the push of a button (spring out that is, doubt if it will retract at the press of a button.). Have some sort of pipe and spring system at the end to take and arrow and so on... Its coming along to say the least.














(Sorry for the shotty photos, all were taken with my phone)

Tell me what you think.

Not much at the moment, but its getting closer.

(Same thread on 405th, saves having to re-write everything)

Cheers, Dave.


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Looks lovely!!

great work thus far, watching with great interest. its about time someone took a shot at making the torque bow!!!
Thanks man! It'll be a challenge but hopefully I can handle it. :D. I shall not dissapoint! Now I got to impress the guy that made that beautiful hammerburst! ;).

Cheers, Dave.
Okay, little update.

Started the arrow and drilled out a hole for it. The end pieces are now in place and the plate on the very fron is in place. Did a few bits of cleanup here and there and then did a quick mock up of the retraction system to make sure it would work full scale. Good news is, it will. :D.

Photo's show just how big this thing will be! :D.






Tell me what you guys think!

Cheers, Dave.
Okay Ya'll. Time for another update, lot of circular details done and drawing closer and closer to finishing it! :D.

Have a squiz and tell me what you think. :D.








Thats it for now!

Tell me what you lot think! And everyone have a good New year!

Cheers, Dave


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Dave, it's looking teriffic!!

I would spend some time cleaning up some of the lines though, your work is great so far and you are really making some great progress, but one thing i learned is taking the time to straighten lines up and producing some clean shapes pays dividends when standing back and taking the prop in.
It needs to be clean and manufactured looking, go over some of the curves and lines with a small file / sandpaper, step back and take your time, you will get more out of it at the end, trust me!
God! This forum freaking hates me, I've replied like 4 times now and the damn thing keeps redirecting me!

@Showme487 (See, I know everyone's names now!)

Thanks man! Really appreciate it!


Thanks bro! It's definately on the list of things to do! :D.


Hey dude! Appreciate it! Sadly I'm not from Sydney, why's that pray tell? I thought you were in Ballarat? I guess you ended up getting that job after all! On yah! :D. In case you were curious I'm that same kid that enquired about molding supplies so long ago on MSn. :D. Small world aye? ;).


Thanks man! Means a lot coming from the fella that made that awesome hammerburst. Have no fear, all the circular details are detachable for that exact reason, so that I can go over the entire thing later and fine up all the lines and flat edges! :D.


Haha! Fry's expression really does say a thousand words! :D. Thanks man! FYI I'm planning on doing a run or two of these babies, so keep your eyes peeled! :D.

Thanks everyone. Stay tuned.

Cheers, Dave!
No! I haven't died! But thanks for asking! :).




Been smoothing is down a lot and trying to get the arms of the bow to work perfectly. I've come to the conclusion that I probably won't be able to make my own spring, telescope system, but have stumbled across these things called 'gas strut's' which I think will suit my needs beautifully, with a little paint, rejigging and the right sizing. For those that don't know, think of the things that hold the windows up on the canopies of utes/trucks. And you got it. :).

Tell me what you guys think!

Cheers, Dave.
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Okay guys, been busy of late. Poured the silicone, mother moulded and have cast a few copies.


First casting didn't go too well.


It set way too quickly in the heat. Next day...



Just to get a look at what I am hoping to achieve. :).

First decent casting I did was poured into the mould via the funnel and then roto cast, which turned out alright, but the coverage wasn't very even. Any help on that or tricks? I drill a few holes in it and filled it with expanding foam to strengthen it, but it would be better to avoid that altogether. :).

Second decent casting was done in two parts, cast one side, then the other, then put the two together and poured into the funnel. Worked really well, good coverage, good strength, etc.

Tell me what you guys think!

Cheers, Dave.
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