Gary Oldman - Prince Vlad (DRACULA) 1:1


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Just finished painting and putting this together. Gary Oldman as Prince Vlad from one of my all-time favorite movies, Bram Stoker's Dracula.

This 1:1 scaled resin bust is sculpted and produced by Peter Murphy.

Thanks for looking:



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This is Brilliant! Gorgeous piece, indeed! I also loved this movie; the sets and costuming were top-notch, and Oldman was superb. This has just got to be the centerpiece of any collection.


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Looks really amazing. How did you attach the hair to the face? The sideburns look like they are growing out of the resin. Too cool.


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Your paint work & finishing work is stunning as always.

The likeness of Gary Oldman is fantastic & the trademark top hat & sunglasses make this piece pop.


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Thanks guys! Glad you like it :)

chuckyAPP: I use PVA glue. Thinned with water and applied with a flat brush. The trick is to layer few strands at a time.


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Absoluetly fantastic, and nice to see something different for once instead of the same characters all the time. It looks JUST like how I remember him in that movie. BRAVO!!