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    Hi all, this is a school project ive under taken over the past year and i decided to post my progress in hope for some feed back and ideas. I know theres a few people out there that have done this sort of thing but this is my version of it. My idea was to create a life sized (or as close to life sized) Garrus head, painted and with his eye piece.

    This project so far has been a major learning curve for me as its my first time using such materials you will see below, i hope you enjoy!

    I first began the claywork on a foam head base, using an oil clay called Klean Klay. I applied in small amounts to build up a strengthy base layer of clay to work with. (Because of my lack of knowlege of clays at the time i thought this was the best clay for the job, to only realise later it was too soft for my liking).
    1.jpg 4.jpg

    Once i had the base layer of clay down i proceeded to block out the basic features of the face, such as the nose mouth and mandables. I found that in doing this managing the symertry was difficult as i had to do it all by eye, (you can see in the right image that the face is a bit distorted).
    7.jpg IMG_1891.JPG

    From here I really just continued to keep detailing and smoothing out the rough clay. At this point I realised that clay was too soft and it made adding small textures and details a lot harder. But what i could do would suffice, so i soldiered on.
    IMG_1893.JPG 20140917_113247.jpg

    For the long hair bits on his head i had to use some wire to hold the clay in positon (as it is to soft and heavy to hold its own weight). To do this I simply pushed the wire into the foam head and built up clay around the wire. In the end the wire porved to be tough enough to hold the clay without warping.
    20140912_133653#1.jpg IMG_2453.JPG

    The right hand picture above and the two below are the finished product.
    IMG_2455.JPG IMG_2452.JPG

    From here i began the molding process. I will post that part later when i get the chance.

    Cheers, Kale

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    Nothing is showing. You're going to have to upload your pictures, rather than trying to link to images on your hard drive.

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