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found this on my wanderings and i had to share it

Ah, ok. I already have that particular one, but I have some other stuff I can upload. Tomorrow. Gotta turn into a pumpkin for the night.
came across these pics on the web site

Cersei’s Summons to Jon Snow from the first episode of season 7

got_s7_ep01_mgot_circeNoteJon_01.png got_s7_ep01_mgot_circeNoteJon_02.png got_s7_ep01_mgot_circeNoteJon_00.png got_s7_ep01_mgot_circeNoteJon_03.png

the letters that were in the second episode of season 7

Jorahs letter to Daenerys

Tyrion's letter to Jon Snow

702_Props_Letters_TyrionToJon_01.jpg 702_Props_Letters_TyrionToJon_02.jpg

Sams letter to Jon Snow.

702_Props_Letters_SamToJon_01.jpg 702_Props_Letters_SamToJon_02.jpg

Archmaester Pylos on Rare Diseases

702_Props_Book_05.jpg 702_Props_Book_04.jpg 702_Props_Book_01.jpg 702_Props_Book_02.jpg 702_Props_Book_03.jpg
Coded message from Lysa Tully to Catelyn Stark (season 1).
Game of Thrones.Coded

The White Book

The Lives of Four Kings book

Some of the letters etc. (including the letter from Walder Frey to King's Landing about the Red Wedding, letter from Talisa Maegyr to her parents, letter from the Night's Watch to the lord of Seven Kingdoms and some random letter to Stannis) (more on some of those props later)

An History of Aegon the Conqueror and His Big Conquest of Westeros
michaeleaton-5225aa6f14d5d55.jpgmichaeleaton-5225aab914d5d6d.jpgmichaeleaton-5225aab714d5d67.jpgmichaeleaton-5225aab614d5d61.jpgmichaeleaton-5225aaa014d5d5b.jpgMGoT_shireens_history_book_3_1200x800.jpgMGoT_shireens_history_book_2_1200x800.jpgMGoT_shireens_history_book_1_1200x800.jpgMGoT_shireens_history_book_4_1200x800.jpgFrom the Set - Shireen's History Books.jpg

Hallyne the Pyromancer's notes
The letter to King's Landing about the death of Myrcella

Jorah Mormont's journal
MGoT_mormonts_journal_1_1200x800.jpgMGoT_mormonts_journal_2_1200x800.jpgMGoT_mormonts_journal_3_1200x800.jpgFrom the Set - Mormont's Journal.jpg

Will post more later.
The message from the Night's Watch to the Lords of Westeros

Theon's letter to Robb
Theon's Letter to Robb.jpg9076106534_f7217ccff1_k.jpg

Letter from Maester Luwin to Robb
From the Set - A Cry for Help.jpg

Littlefinger's ledger
From the Set - A Numbers Game.jpgMGoT_brothel_ledger_3_1200x800.jpgMGoT_brothel_ledger_1_1200x800.jpgMGoT_brothel_ledger_2_1200x800.jpg

Letter from Ramsay to Robb Stark
From the Set - Bad News.jpg

Some unidentified prop, supposedly written by Sandor 'Hound' Clegane
From the Set - IOU.jpg

Littlefinger's inventory
From the Set - Littlefinger's Inventory.jpg

A part from the cover of the Histories of the Greater and Lesser Houses

A letter from Ramsay to Balon Greyjoy

A part from the cover of An History of the Great Sieges of Westeros by Archmaester Ch'Vyalthan
The Great Seiges of Westeros.jpg

The iconic note from Lyanna Mormont
king in the north letter.jpg

Map of Yunkai (Daenerys examines it before Daario Naharis takes Grey Worm and Jorah into the city)
Map of Yunkai.jpg

More soon...
Hi LorduDesign,

i am looking for a clear picture of the random letter to Stannis that you mentioned in the #13 post.

Do you have one?

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