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Hello again, this time we have modeled the Lord Of Bones mask from the game of thrones. Although he got his behind whopped in the last season shown, he still looked cool :D lol

Because it's not a full helmet, just the bone/mask part it should fit anywhere from a 22-24'' > head. We will be casting it in smooth cast 60D resin. Print is in the process right now and should have updated pics of the print soon! Right now we're thinking Price range of $100 for a raw cast.

Price: $60 usd raw kit $100 for painted finished version
Shipping: Inside the US $10-------$15 for international shipping.

We think this is a really cool mask, does anyone else? :thumbsup

Creative Conceptz

DiffViewsDetail.jpg Rattleshirt.png Use1.jpeg Use5.jpeg Use2.jpeg Use7 (1).jpg Use3.jpeg Use7 (2).jpg Use4.jpeg

Interest List:








Use7 (1).jpg

Use7 (2).jpg

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