Game of Thrones "Hand"


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I made a quick little sculpt last week and thought some folks here might want to see. It's a "Hand of the King" pin I made using some frame grabs as reference. Some pals of mine and I have been getting together to watch 'Game of Thrones,' and it's become a tradition for a bunch of us to have these TV Party for shows we like, and another tradition is me making prop replicas for everyone (I used to make props for movies and TV shows for many years and still love doing it). This one isn't nearly as beautiful or as accurate as many of the excellent things I've seen on this forum, but maybe kind of interesting. Maybe it'll inspire someone to make a really good one. :)
I sculpted the original in Premo Sculpey, making the ring first. I cooked it a bit too hot which is why it turned brown. Then sculpted the hand gripping it - then the spike as a separate piece. Poured resin copies, sprayed 'em with Bright Gold and added some aging and weathering.... Looks not terrible from a distance. :)

I was also wondering when someone was going to make one of those that looks so cool . I email HBO store and well the have no plans to make / get the rights to make it o well
great! my roommate has been bugging for me to make this, but i didn't get a chance. good work!
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