Game of thrones: Drinks coasters set


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Well, I was not sure if this is the right section to post this, but here it is. I thought you guys may find this cool and interesting.

Basically, I will upload pics of the process, not much explanation as it does not seem necessary.

Hereunder, materials I used for this project: varnishes, paint, liquid vinyl to seal foam, spray and oil paint (for contrast), 3 types of glue, 3 kinds of eva foam (different thickness), red adhesive backing velvet effect and a piece of leather for the hinge. Ah, and a little magnet for closing the chest.


Those are the coasters, 9.5 cm X 9.5 cm, with images of 10 houses from GoT. They are properly varnished as defense against moisture from drinks.

4.jpg 3.jpg 2.jpg

This will be the wooden-look chest to keep the coasters nicely.

IMG_20170831_204930.jpg IMG_20170831_204519.jpg IMG_20170831_204510.jpg

Protecting the velvet inside for painting, making wood lines with my Dremel tool and pics of the iron work.

IMG_20170901_153540.jpg IMG_20170901_175952.jpg IMG_20170901_163738.jpg IMG_20170901_184939.jpg

Sealing with liquid vinyl.

IMG_20170901_230119.jpg IMG_20170901_230041.jpg IMG_20170903_011048.jpg

Final painting and voila!! Hope you like it guys ;)

IMG_20170905_021418.jpg IMG_20170904_185246.jpg IMG_20170904_185227.jpg IMG_20170905_021929.jpg
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