Game of Thrones: Daenerys' Dragon Egg Box


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My friend and I decided to start a build based upon the eggs and box used in G.O.T.. This is my attempt at the box. There are very few decent screen shots of it that I could find or make on my own, so research was a little difficult. I saw one guy do a prop of this that is plastered all over the internet and used some of it for reference. In the end, I thought it looked too new and "off the shelf" and went as close as I could get to the original propI decided for my first build of this type, I would use a pre-fab box I got from a local craft store for super cheap. Everything else is made from styrene (varying thicknesses.) This is my first post to the RPF, so hopefully, you all enjoy.. 101_0438.JPG 101_0437.JPG 101_0431.JPG 20150412_221105.jpg 20150413_153609.jpg 20150524_171720.jpg 20150525_013932.jpg


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Hey, that turned out really excellently! I was just planning on making this my next project also, as I just completed my own set of dragon eggs. I've been looking for a chest the right size and haven't come across one yet, so I may have to make one from scratch. How big is the interior of your chest? (Just a thought: make sure you plan the size of your eggs to fit inside your box when completed.)

For my own box, I think I am going to need one at least 24 x 12 x 10 based on how my eggs came out.
You have to leave some finger room also.

What a fun project! Thanks for the inspiration!



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Thanks! I looked everywhere I could for a box or chest or anything that would work and ended up settling on this one from a local craft store. Dimensionally, It's not where it needs to be, but I scaled everything to fit my box as best as possible. It's too bad there isn't any real reference material on this, because it's insanely cool. I found a place that has the huge back hinges, but they wanted like $60 for em, so I decided to scratch build them the best I could with styrene. My friend is making the eggs and there's plenty of room for them. This box is 18" W x 13"D x 11"H. If i build another one of these, I'm definitely building the box to make it how I want it. And I plan on vacu-forming the cradle for the eggs so they sit nice and comfy in there. Good luck with your box and your eggs look STUPID AWESOME. :)

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Thanks ultraman! My buddy is making them now. He's better at the natural forms. I scratchbuild starships, so I'm more of a linear builder.
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