Gallivespian lodestone resonator


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This will likely only appeal to a few folks here, but while I'm hemming and hawing about how to go about even attempting an alethiometer, I decided I would go ahead and make one of these. The lodestone resonator is described in The Amber Spyglass as a small case, almost like a violin case, the size of a walnut, with a small chunk of grey-black stone on a small pedestal. The Gallivespians use a small bow and set of headphones, they can wrap the fine wire around the stone and communicate over great distances with the keeper of the other piece of the stone. It's not entirely unlike an ansible.

Not knowing anything about woodcraft at such a small scale, I thought maybe I'd draw up some plans in sketchup and then print them in frosted ultra detail at shapeways , prime it, and paint it to suit my fancies. I made the pattern on the top of the box to resemble a diagram sometimes associated with quantum entangled particles, as it was appropriate and pleasingly geometric to me.

Anyhow, the ultra detail frosted material takes BIN shellac primer pretty well and painting it after that with acrylics and sealing it with a matte clear coat, I came up with this:



I took the small clasp and hinge from a wooden cigar box. The hinge needed to be trimmed to fit, but it worked in the end. The clasp is just a tiny bit too big for the box, if I made a second version, I would likely extend the bottom of the box a little, or try to find an even tinier clasp (jewelry findings were largely inappropriate, but maybe something from a locket?)

There are a few more build images at the flickr below.

Lodestone resonator
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