Gallagher has heart attack and is now in coma -

Discussion in 'Entertainment and Movie Talk' started by Jet Beetle, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. Jet Beetle

    Jet Beetle Sr Member Gone but not forgotten.

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  2. bish

    bish New Member

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    Yes not everyone's cup of tea but I always enjoyed his shows. Th article says his prognosis is good so hopefully he will recover.
  3. Qui-Gonzalez

    Qui-Gonzalez Master Member

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    Which Gallagher is it?
  4. Jlewis

    Jlewis Well-Known Member

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    Attended several of his performances and greaatly enjoyed his commentary and showmanship. I wish him a speedy recovery. Hope to attend a future show.

  5. slave1pilot

    slave1pilot Sr Member

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    latest breaking news- Gallagher 2 also had a less successful heart attack and was sued over it.
  6. Darth Mawr

    Darth Mawr Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Sad to read this and hope that he has a swift and complete recovery. Having sat covered in plastic within "Splatting" distance at one of his shows is a very fond memory.
  7. moffeaton

    moffeaton Master Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    HAHAHA. Gallagher two, giggle.
  8. clonesix

    clonesix Sr Member

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    There's a second Gallagher?
  9. hansicle

    hansicle Sr Member

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    Yes, he had a twin brother he sold his act to.....seriously
  10. Apollo

    Apollo Legendary Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    I did'nt even know he was still alive?!

    Heres to a speedy recovery!
  11. Paul Andrew

    Paul Andrew Sr Member

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    Wow. I used to watch his stuff with my dad all the time as a kid. Got to see one show out here in my early 20's. Hope he comes out of this well.
  12. Flagg

    Flagg Sr Member

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    booo, hiss. :lol
  13. Monster Dave

    Monster Dave Sr Member

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    Good to know that G's prognosis is good. You'd think that smashing all those watermelons would be good physical exercise and help keep his heart in shape!
  14. Timmythekid

    Timmythekid Sr Member

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    Never was a fan, but glad to hear his prognosis is good. Also, it means I'm less of a horrible human being for saying the first thought I had was of a paramedic weilding a massive sledge hammer and whacking on his chest shouting "LIVE * YOU!".
  15. robn1

    robn1 Master Member

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    I'm a Gallagher fan, hope he pulls through.
  16. STpropguy76

    STpropguy76 Active Member

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    Knowing Gallagher,
    If he got a Heart Transplant he would just smash his old Heart all over some people sitting in the front row.
    And call it a Come Back....

    I personal like his humor.. :)
  17. SmilingOtter

    SmilingOtter Master Member

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    Here's to a speedy recovery.
  18. NakedMoleRat

    NakedMoleRat Sr Member

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    His was the only show that dad and I went to together. We sat in the middle and still dodged watermellon, dog food and other wet items. We had a blast that night! Thinking how on this coming Monday (3/19) my dad will be gone a year, makes me hope even more that G pulls through!
  19. MooCriket

    MooCriket Master Member

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    I've always enjoyed his shows. Well wishes for a speedy recovery.
  20. terryr

    terryr Sr Member

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    I keep seeing his heart splatting like a watermelon.
  21. Wes R

    Wes R Legendary Member

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    I used to watch his specials when VH1 had them on all the time in the 90s and a family friend always got tickets to see him when he was in the area. Hope he gets better. I know whenever he did an interview he'd really get angry and fly into rants at times. He came off as a total nut when he was on Bob and Tom.
  22. cayman shen

    cayman shen Master Member

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    I have many fond memories of renting Gallagher VHS tapes with my dad when we lived alone together.
  23. Jedi2016

    Jedi2016 Sr Member

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    I've got the DVD box set of most of his old shows. Classic stuff. Hope he recovers well, so there's still a chance I can see him live!
  24. EyeofSauron

    EyeofSauron Master Member

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    well i thought this was about one of the oasis guys, i really dont know this guy, probably because im so far from you.

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