Galen "Marek" Starkiller’s Lightsaber


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Hi everyone,

I’m sure a lot of you’ve answered this question on so many times. So for awhile now I’ve been searching for someone to help me make a replica of Galen "Marek" Starkiller’s Lightsaber from SWTFU1. I am trying to make a replica like the one in this video;
any help will be greatly appreciated it. I have asked a lot of the companies and other groups to see if they can help but so far they said it’s impossible except for one company but they aren’t taking custom orders. Also the company that made the one on the video is no longer around. There may need some modifications made to it. I know it’s a lot ask so please feel free to contact me when you can.

Thank you


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There’s this one from Warsabers but it ain’t cheap and I have no endorsements one way or the other on the company, they just came up in a search.
Thanks. I took look and you’re right their lightsabers are expensive plus their design isn’t quite what I’m looking for because the one video is what I’m looking for. I don’t know if you’ve played Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and Soul Caliber 4 you’ll see in the walkthroughs when Galen "Starkiller" Marek is holding his lightsaber in reverse Lightsaber Form V and every time you’ll notice he never once moves his hand to the rectangle box where the activation button/switch is suppose to be to turn his lightsaber on or off.

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