Galaxy’s Edge Millennium Falcon—Is it Full Size?

For scale:
Hi everyone. Ran into this thread and wanted to chime in. Some of you may have known jono here in the RPF. He was also an RL and 501st member. He also worked at Imagineering before passing in 2020. He took me around for a tour at GE in 2019 pointing out all the things he worked on and tiny little Easter Eggs around. He confirmed the Falcon is not 1:1, but closer to 9/10 scale if I remember correctly, to save room on the area around the ship, but have it big enough to make a big impression when you see it. He said if it was actual scale, it would have been too big. Hope that helps all the inquiring minds.
But 9/10 of what? How big it would "really" be, or how big the movie set was?
Full size Falcon is supposed to be 114 ft. Not sure what exactly it is based on but I assume that it was extrapolated from the size of the cockpit, which they had to build full size. 5footer and 32 incher had silghtly different proportion of cockpit/ship lengh ratio but 5footer is set as the baseline. Now the finished MF is visible in the Google Earth and it is roughly 100 ft, which is about 88% size and corroborates what elmo graciously shared.

shared above.

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