Galatica helm fabrication mold


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here are some pictures of the molding process for the new Battlestar Galatica helm.
Molds and parts will be run from Fiberdyne labs. Edward Endres who is my good friend has been working with me on projects for almost a decade.
see for some of his work on my retro Tv business.most of the tube enclosures are his work.

the glass work has been finished and I am waiting for news of the first pulls from his new mold.
her are some pix of the works so far.
he has estimated I can begin receiving parts so I can get a few built up for Dragon con .so if you see a bunch of Viper Pilots with helms ask to check them out they will probably be the product your going to receive.
thats it for now.
will up date as the job goes along
to all the underwriters
Thanks for your faith in me and this project
Mike L Scott


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